Commercial Photography

Commercial Photography

commercial photographers in Los Angeles

& commercial photographers in Los Angeles, NYC, Miami, London, Paris or other metropolitan cities.

Shaun is responsible for most of the Ad campaigns and advertising billboards displayed in countless storefronts, department stores, magazine layouts and bus stop displays in Los Angeles and New York City.

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Companies such as H&M, Calvin Klein, Guess, Forever 21, Macy's, Nordstrom, Barney's of NY, Target, K mart, JCPenny use commercial photographers to distinguish their brands and attract more consumers

Shaun Alexander Photography studio is one of the largest full-service commercial photography studios in the U.S.

He specializes in branding, advertising and commercial photography for all types of products

With access to some of the most beautiful fashion and commercial models and top professional makeup artists and hair teams, Shaun is able to meet all your commercial photography demands from start to finish

Shaun's work has been featured in countries such as Hong Kong, New York, Los Angeles and the UK.

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Shaun's photography workshops


On commercial photography techniques, tips and tutorials offered in private or group lessons for those that wish to build a commercial photography portfolio.

Learn how to quote a commercial photography job by visiting our blog page on the definition of commercial photography or how to set up a commercial photography release form

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