Digital Photography workshops Photoshop tips for fashion Photographers

Digital Photography and the digital technology have revolutionized the world of photography. Consequently with an industrial revolution such as this comes many great challenges.
Digital photography is no exception. Understanding how the new SLR's work their functionality can be challenging and time consuming.

But it can also be advantageous and can create many doors and revenues for new or older generation photographers

Those are a few topics that we will discuss in our digital photography classes. All the do's and don'ts as well as the practical applications offered by digital SLR's and related issues.

How many mega pixels is too much or too little? , how to shoot and process raw files? , or how to achieve rich and colorful film looks out of your digital cameras?. As well as the importance of work flow in Lightroom, Photoshop and other popular software are just a few interesting topics that will be addressed in our digital photography workshops.
And what makes these workshops so unique and different , is Shaun's background as a film photographer and his transition to digital photography in the past 12 years of his 27 years of photography career.
Shaun is one of the few photographers that have perfected the art of shooting digitally and still being able to maintain a film look throughout his photography.

That's an art by itself that Shaun will teach and discuss with his students in this workshops.

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