Beauty Photography

Beauty Photographers like Shaun Alexander that specialize in fashion and glamour photography can offer their clients much more than just portrait photography.
Understanding of beauty photography as a fashion photographer is very obvious in Shaun's body of work

Each image explores the the deepest desires of his subjects with the most beautiful lighting and highly stylized details

When it comes to beauty photographers in Los Angeles or New York, no one is as capable and experienced as Shaun Alexander.

His beautiful images have decorated many magazine covers, modeling portfolios and art galleries internationally

As they say ; "Beauty is only on the eye of the beholder" and one can instantly recognize Shaun's ability to bring out that beauty in every one of his subjects.

Not only because he is a brilliant photographer but because he can truly find beauty in everyone he comes in contact with and the ones that are lucky enough to sit across his lens are the testament to that.
If you wish to book a session with Shaun, please do not hesitate to contact us at or call 310 213 7700

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