Fine Art Photography Sale! Private collection by Shaun Alexander

Fine Art Photography sale Private collection by Shaun Alexander

LA fine art photographer

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Fine art Photography

Artistic Black and white nudes

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How to make and sell art?
Fine Art Photographers like Shaun Alexander, use their artistic vision and create images that are aesthetically pleasing , emotive and beautiful. With use of proper lighting combined with perfect, colors, contrast, texture and composition separate Shaun’s Fine Art photography from many top Fine Art photographers in the world
Shaun’s fashion / photojournalistic approach in some of his fine art photography draws the attention of the viewer more towards the documentary visual account of his subjects vs just another nude image or nude photography, which many people define as Fine Art Photography
But Shaun believes that images without any emotional provocation are nothing but a cheap interpretation of fine art photography
Based on definition of fine art photography
“Art photography”: “A free form of photography sharing the artist’s perceptions and emotions with others” as seen in magazines and websites such as American Photo, Spider awards, Popular Photography, or Fine Art Photography Exhibitions
“Fine art photography”: “Can also be defined as the production of photographs that fulfill the creative vision of a photographer, mostly for artistic display in art galleries” that sell fine art photographs and most likely will outlive the artist
“Artistic photography”: “A frequently and most misinterpreted term in photography, when an artist or a photographer tries to convey his personal impression in a photograph, therefore making it entirely subjective to interpretation
“Fine art photography”: is also widely used as wall decoration and can also be called “decor photography,” “photo decor,” or “wall decor,” and can involve large mural photographs as “wall art”
LA fine art photographer Shaun Alexander is not only known for his Fashion Photography work but he is also know for his Fine art Photography and Artistic Black and white nudes
Shaun’s award winning fine art photography and fashion photography Award winning photography-Professional nude category had placed him among some of the top fashion photographers that can do super artistic nude photos
Shaun also had won and been Nominated for his photography achievements nationally and internationally.

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