Headshot Photography


Headshot photographers in Los Angeles are highly in demand based on the numbers of professional actors and models living in Los Angeles or should we say Hollywood. Thousands of people are added to those numbers from all around the world every day. All with one common dream " To become famous actors, supermodels or a movie star"

But sometimes even the most talented ones get lost in the shuffle and sometimes their only chance at the next big casting is taken away from them by not having a great set of headshots or modeling portfolio or comp cards.
Everyone knows that without the proper tools of the trade that chances that you would get tossed in the trash-bin is much higher than making it to the top of the casting lists.
Shaun Alexander Photography with OVER 30 years of unprecedented reputation as one of the best headshot photographers in Los Angeles and Hollywood is among the few top photographers in this city of angels that can deliver the type of Images that no agency or casting directors will ever consider tossing on the side. Simply because his images are truly captivating and memorizing to the viewers. Something most casting directors or movie studios are looking for when they search for their next movie stars and cast members.
Simply by browsing Shaun's portfolio, you can realize that you are going to be in great hands. His highly professional photography work along with his super friendly personality will put you at ease instantly when you set up your headshot session or a highly creative modeling portfolio with an experienced photographer.
If you are serious about becoming a successful actor or a model in Hollywood or anywhere else in the world, no one can deny the need for a top photographer.
Here at Shaun Alexander Studios, we offer just that. Our motto is 100% satisfaction, and that's why our sessions are not limited to roles of films or numbers of images, we will shoot and shoot till you are 100% happy. A guarantee that cannot be topped and if we could match or beat the competition in prices and packages, simply ask and we will consider. As long as the offer is by similar professional headshot photographers in Los Angeles area.

We are looking forward to hearing from you soon or just call us directly at 310.213.7700