Fashion photography by Top fashion photographer Shaun Alexander


Highly Creative Fashion Photography by top Fashion Photographer Shaun Alexander featuring World's Top Fashion models,  Fashion designers, Advertising campaigns, highly creative fashion editorials layouts for countless beauty and glamour magazines like, VOGUE, ELLE, GQ, PLAYBOY and more

Shaun also specializes in high end look books, catalogs, fashion photography campaigns , Magazine Editorials, Commercial photography. Knows for his unique style, Shaun is known for his as well as Celebrity style Fashion Portraits, since he started his career as a professional photographer in Hollywood decades ago

Shaun Started his career, shooting many creative modeling portfolios  for numerous top modeling agencies such as Ford, IMG, Elite, Next, Wilhelmina and many more commercial agencies in  Hollywood California and he is still on their short list and considered one of the best Portfolio photographers in Los Angeles and New York City

Shaun Alexander Photography has also been nominated as one of the best fashion photographers in the world according to the prestigious Spider Awards

Celebrity Fashion Photographers like Shaun's eye for beauty and perfection continues to impress, many Hollywood celebrities, recording artists, and top advertising agencies and fashion designers around the world. As a New York and Los Angeles Fashion Photographer, make up artists, designer and expert in beauty and fashion, Shaun is now offering the most comprehensive, Fashion Photography workshops in the world as well as Los Angeles and New York .Please also visit Photography workshops101 in LA and NYC for more updated Fashion photography classes and courses lectured by Shaun Alexander

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Creative fashion photography by Shaun Alexander

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Fashion Portrait Photography- Shaun Alexander

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James Dean Fashion Editorial- Hollywood California

James Dean Fashion Editorial- Hollywood California

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Los Angeles Fashion photographer Shaun Alexander is known for his Fashion, beauty and commercial photography in LA, California

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LA PHOTOGRAPHER Shaun Alexander specializing in fashion photography, editorial, advertising and product photography.

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Fashion Photography - modeling portfolio - male model Brent Weber

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