Original Oil Acrylic Digital Mixed Media Art & Photography by Shaun Alexander

Custom Oil & Acrylic Paintings, Murals, Digital Mixed Media Art & Fine Art Photographic Prints by Internationally Recognized Top Artist & Photographer Shaun Alexander

Shaun has a long history of Artistic en-devours not only as a famous fashion photographer but also as an established artist in his home town of Los Angeles and New York his second home and studio base, as well as many more European cities, such as Prague, Vienna, Rome, Paris and London where he frequently conducts his photography workshops

His passion for Art goes beyond just single-handedly creating some of the most beautiful images of the 21st century as a professional photographer, but also producing unique and interesting master pieces that had been collected by many of his fans and avid Art collectors around the world. Shaun's travels in search of inspirations and education in art played an important role in his vast collection of many great original paintings and unique art effects that had captured his interest and imagination as a photographer, painter and sculptorStudying some of the greatest artists ever existed such as Salvador Dali PIcasoRembrandtVan GoghMichel AngeloDaVinci, and many more played an important role in Shaun's body of work for the past 3 decades, not only as a photographer but also as a trained classical artist. His early education in Renaissance art, sculpting and painting enabled him to express himself through his lens but also through several other mediums, such as oil on canvas, Acrylic paint, Mixed media, metal, stone, wood, etc.. Most people may know of his unprecedented reputation as a world renowned top fashion photographer, but his passion for  creating original oil paintings,  Acrylic paintings and some of the best digital arts had gained the respect of many art critiques and art galleries domestically and internationally. Shaun's Original art work and his limited edition fine art prints of his paintings and photographs are shown frequently in numerous art exhibitions worldwide, and they can also be purchased  directly upon special request. Shaun's versatility as a well known artist and a photographer have been recognized  by many top Interior design firms, Architectural firms, interior decorators, law firms, hotels and hospitals around the world and his custom art creations and photographs have decorated the homes of many Hollywood celebrities. Keep in mind,  since some of the original pairings and prints are produced in a variety of formats, sizes and mediums, we encourage all buyers to send a detail request for a proper quote. Regardless of your budget, most likely we will have the perfect solution for any taste or style, Just send us a link to your desired image and medium such as: Fine art photographic prints, Metallic prints,  Canvas Prints, or Aluminium Prints and we will send you a proper quote for your request or we can discuss your custom art, wall mural, framed or unframed original art or limited edition prints for your home or business. We can be reached at 310 213 7700 or info@shaunalexander.net or simply go to our contact page


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