Music Photography Album covers by Shaun Alexander

Music photographers in Los Angeles with over decades of professional experience like Shaun Alexander, are rare commodities in this city of Angels or anywhere else in the world
That's why when it comes to creating the best selling album covers, many great artists and celebrity had turned to Shaun Alexander studios. Covering locations such as greater Los Angeles, NYC, Europe and Asia, Shaun has become the most sought after in the music world as a top expert music photographer

Shaun's love for music and recording artists had allowed him to work with some of the greatest international singers and entertainers in the world

As a creative and top album cover photographer and fashion photographer, Shaun has created many artistic CD covers, album covers and magazine covers that had played an important role in the success of many artists
Here are only a few samples of his work, but his archives holds some of the greatest images, if you like to see more, just drop him a line and explore your vision and ideas for your next CD/DVD or Album cover projects
The list of some of the stars that have been photographed by Shaun goes as far as
the great Rolling Stones, U2, Phil Collins, and a few more local artists such as Montana Shane, Drew Tretick, Vann Johnson, Googoosh, Aref and many more...

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