Editorial Photography

Editorial Photographers in LA and NYC, London and all over the world are among the most creative photographers, especially when it comes to working with some of the greatest fashion editorial magazine such as Vogue, Elle, Harper's Bazaar, Elle, GQ, Essence, Vanity Fair, and many more of Conde nast Publications
In order to become a top professional editorial photographer one must possess a great knowledge of photography, composition, styling and story telling but when it comes to Fashion editorial photography , what separates the cobs from the lions is one's creativity, vision and style

most fashion editorial photographers in Los Angeles or even New York can shoot almost anything under any circumstances and still making it look semi decent, but A true editorial photographer like Shaun Alexander relies on his vast experience to deliver outstanding images with such details and beauty that is nothing short of a master piece

Shaun's 30 year plus experience as a top photographer, creating countless fashion and advertising campaigns, for 1000's of top fashion brands, hair and makeup products, contributed have played a big role in his successful career as one of the highly sought after editorial photographers in Los Angels, New York , London, if not in the world

Immortalizing rock stars , politicians, athletes, celebrities, super models and more by their creative and exciting style is what most magazines look for when it comes to choosing Editorial photographers. Contact us regarding any of your upcoming fashion or editorial photography needs, such as lookbooks, Catalogs, Magazine covers and inside layouts, album covers, CD, DVD and more...

Or if you wish to improve your skill sets as fashion or editorial photographers and would like to learn Shaun's trade secrets at his beautiful Photography studio in Los Angeles, New York or even his latest locations in London and Prague, He offers very intimate and private photography workshops that are fully customized for each photographer. you can read more here:

Photography workshops in LA and NYC

Photography workshops in LA and NYC

Feel free to call us to discuss your next project or photography workshops at 310.213.7700

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